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12 year old arthritis/howling - any help please.

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It also sounds like a touch of dementia too - older dogs do act strangely as they age (one of mine used to go and stand in corners facing the wall).

If they haven't done it yet its worth a full blood panel too

It does sound like dementia to me too.
I have 13 year old litter sisters.  About 6 months ago, Stevie began to act strangely.  She would often just stand and stare into space.  Then she started circling before sitting down ( I know most dogs do this, but Stevieís  circling was extreme).  She tries to get into parts of the house (in between furniture/walls )that she couldnít possibly fit in.  Then she started to disappear on walks.  She would be with us one minute and then we would look and she was running in a direction we never go in.  She didnít seem to hear us when we called her either. It was scary and we have decided for her own safety she has to be kept on an extended lead.  Both dogs at 13 have arthritis and Stevie also finds it difficult to get up from long sleeps.  They used to sleep in my room upstairs but Stevie then found it difficult to get up and equally difficult to come down. It really upsets me to leave them downstairs but they have got used to it. .Both girls are on Yumove and it has helped mobility slightly.  After their morning walk, Stevie will quite happily sleep until evening but all that inactivity does mean that it is then difficult for her to get up again.  I try to get her up mid afternoon just to stretch her legs.  When we return to the house,  Stevie seldom bothers to greet us now.  Her unusual behaviour has had an effect on her sister too.  Marley gets really stressed by Stevieís circling and doesnít understand that Stevie is now unable to read her warning signals.  Only this morning she fell down a ditch and became very distressed and started crying out in her confusion.  I had to climb down and rescue her but she became quite agressive to me as she didnít realize I was rescuing her.
We have learnt to recognise that when she starts circling she either wants to go out (poo or wee), she wants a drink, or she wants food.    She has always been a good eater but now we have to start her off by showing her the food, hand feeding a small amount and then showing her the bowl.  It is as though she doesnít know what she is meant to do.  Once she starts eating she is in her eating mode and would go on forever.
It makes us really really sad to see both girls ageing but I do count myself lucky in that I still have both girls and every day is a blessing.

That is hard for you to deal with Vixen.  Sad to see them decline.  They are lucky to be well loved and cared for.  :bigarmhug:


--- Quote from: ejp on September 02, 2020, 05:43:01 PM ---That is hard for you to deal with Vixen.  Sad to see them decline.  They are lucky to be well loved and cared for.  :bigarmhug:

--- End quote ---

Thank you ejp  :bigarmhug:

For stiffness I would definately recommend Golden paste , which is a mixture of Turmeric oils and black pepper, it is very useful also for other health issues , but excellent for stiffness and inflammation, you will need to be sure it is okay with any meds, if you go on the dog Turmeric site they will tell you which meds you can use etc etc. My girl is on1/4 tsp twice a day and is doing fine,it also wont have the organ poisoning affect that many other meds have


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