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12 year old arthritis/howling - any help please.

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Could he also have a touch of dementia? I personally would be back to the vet.

I know this might be not to every ones liking - but if he struggles if you are out of sight and settles when he sees you/is close by.....could you maybe try and place his bed in your bed room.

We had my late Nan's old corgi when Nan passed and it was similar in she would not sleep...and she was struggling, I had her bed just outside by bedroom door and left it open - she would lie on the carpet watching and then sleep, then go and lie on her bed.  I think it was security in her old age. We are in a bungalow so there were no stairs.

First priority should be to manage his pain. It sounds like supplements will maybe not be enough. Medications should possibly be added to his treatment. Talk to the vet again and make a plan for the future. There are several options for medical management of joint pain. Veterinary diets with added glukosamine and chondroitin can help, so can supplements. But at a certain point medications, like veterinary NSAID's, are needed too. There are veterinary diets aimed to help cognitive function as well, not too familiar with these, but they can be worth considering. Either way the pain relief is very important. Dogs don't want to show weakness so if he is howling and struggling visibly that means another trip to the vet is necessary. Hope you can figure out a good treatment plan with your vet. It is not easy when they get old.

It sounds like dementia to me.

Is he deaf?  My old dog, Coco became restless and distressed at night when she went completely deaf. Otherwise, as others have said, it could be dementia.  :'(  He obviously feels comforted when you are close.

With Coco I just brought her up to sleep with me and she was fine overnight.  :luv:

Re the arthritis, have a look at golden paste - it contains turmeric which is a natural anti inflammatory and works brilliantly for some dogs (and humans!) Lots of information on here:


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