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Hi all.
Partridge season nearly upon us pheasant season not far behind so what has everyone got planned ?
I am not sure how many days loading / minding i will get as its still up in the air but i have about 50 days beating on the calendar with more to be confirmed plus about 20 days shooting

Barry H:
Sounds great.  I wish you well.  I'm a bit envious TBH.  What could be better (with your clothes on) than plenty of outdoorsy type stuff with a dog (or dogs)?  Sadly not for me these days as gammy knee prevents a lot of walking (sniff).

Most of COL seems to have gone into hibernation for the winter...


Most of COL seems to have gone into hibernation for the winter...


I think everyone‘s cyber social distancing, it has indeed gone very quiet lately!
Humphrey and I have signed up for a Nose work Workshop  :shades: in a couple of weeks but its only fun, I don‘t expect it to be over challenging but am just hoping for a few more ideas to keep the boredom at bay - he‘s becoming a real couch potato lately!
Looking forward to seeing some videos of Eze in action again soon Ian!  ;)

I am sure you will both love the workshop.  Started with Muffin Scentwork over a year ago and he did his first trial in the early part of the year and passed with a clean sweep.  He can now indicate on two odours clove and gun oil.  We are working towards our Level 2 trial.  Working indoors off lead, on lead vehicle searches and exterior searches. 


Do some picking up they dont will get me coat 🤣


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