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Farewell Sweep (Sad Update)

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We are heartbroken to say that we had to say goodbye to Sweep earlier today at the age of 13.   She had been so brilliant & brave with all her feet issues but she was suffering from liver failure possibly caused by all the meds she was on for her feet.  She deteriorated over the weekend and was not eating anything at all and ultimately it was one battle too much.  She went on her final journey peacefully with us both stroking her.
She was such a special girl and our first cocker, my little soul dog.  We have been quietly reminiscing between the tears,this afternoon,  of the good times - her favourite pheasant toy, stealing carrots & chasing seagulls.  We are missing all her little habits already 😢
Archie is sitting quietly at our feet and I am sure wondering where his bestie is❤️.
Rest in Peace our gorgeous girl and run free at the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge

RIP Sweep. However long we have our cockers, it is never long enough. Having gone through the loss of one many times I wish I could say it gets easier but it doesn't. My old girl Nina is now over 13; she seems to have aged all of a sudden and her mobility is very poor; she is now on Yumove Plus. Being on my own I have been so grateful during these strange times of her and Matte's presence and I dread anything happening to her especially with the difficulties at vets right now. Yes, remember all the good times you had together; she will always be in your hearts, Take care of yourselves. xx

So sorry to read this. I know there are no words that can ease the pain right now, the sense of emptiness is overwhelming but I hope that sharing your loss with people on here who really do understand how you‘re feeling will help a little. Hang on tight to all those good memories and Sweep will never be far away, you were with her when she needed you most, she was loved and happy and you were as special to her as she was to you.
RIP Sweep, you won‘t be forgotten.  :luv:

Really sorry to hear about Sweep.
Big  :bigarmhug: to you.
My girls are both 13 and Stevie has really deteriorated this past year.  She has dementia, is unsteady on her back legs and has mammary lumps too  :'(
I dread coming down each morning and am so happy when she is still with us each day.  :luv:  She still seems to enjoy her walks once she gets her legs warmed up but we only have very small walks.
I really feel for you as in the thirteen years we have been blessed with them in our lives so many wonderful memories have been made.
I know it is really hard but do try to think of all those wonderful happy times and how lucky you were to have each other.
The pain we suffer is the price we have to pay for having these wonderful dogs in our lives.
Run pain free Sweep, you were much loved  :luv:

I am so sad to read about free sweet girl knowing how much you are loved and missed.

Like Vixen says I too count my blessing every day with Ollie an oldie too.

I am thinking of you - hold those memories close.

All my heartfelt sympathy to you and a big hug


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