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Hi all.
My cousin shared something on Facebook (I dont have fb but its on Dublin live or fb Gerry Stacey- the new surbiton neighbourhood group).

There was a van load of stolen dogs found in Ireland- possibly from the uk. Dont know about the others but there is a golden/red female cocker that has not been claimed. Shes got a white patch on her head and a paler  nose. She looks like shes really missing her family. Please share in case anyone on here knows of anyone whos lost one.

Were keeping our fingers crossed for her.

Lets hope the power of social media help the little lady get back home, its heartbreaking !

I saw the post on social media, horrendous how many dogs are being stolen just now, spaniels are so popular sadly.  I do hope they can get this wee soul back to where she belongs, she does look really sad.

I really need to see this site and dog. Any info on where to find it. Not had much luck yet. My friend has had 2 stolen and one fits the description

Dont know if this is the same one Min, but this one came up on my fb.


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