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Cataracts and deafness

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 Feeling totally devastated today.  Took our cocker Pebbles to the vets this morning for her annual booster/health check.  She is just over 9 years old.  Has been going a little deaf progressively over the last year which she is coping with.  However he has told me today that she has mild cataracts in both eyes.  Just canít seem to get my head around it all.  Seems only a couple of years since I was posting on the puppy boards😢.  He says no treatment is sensible and canít tell how quick her sight will deteriorate.

I just wondered does anyone have any experience of dogs with cataracts or blindness in older age.  Coupled with going deaf I just feel totally devastated for her.

Thank you.

Sorry, have no experience of either but understand how you must be feeling, sending  :bigarmhug: and hope someone else on here can give you a bit more reassurance!

I believe that here in UK there are referrals made to ophthalmology vets.  I have no idea of cost etc but have seen it posted her on COL.

Will try and find the links for you.  I do understand how shocked you must be...we had the vet mention Ollie's sight to us 2 years ago - sometimes they look glazed - I was shocked.  Two years on he is still just the same - sometimes I think is long vision is not as good, but he never misses a thing :D and still has me running after him at 13.  I have no doubt his eyes and hearing might not be as good but I think the gradual onset is something that shocks us more than him.  Rather like me a going up hill and my knee aches and wearing glasses sort of creeps up on us.

I am sure someone with knowledge will pop along - so keep checking in.


Found this from 2015....Hope Elaine will look in soon.

I'm sorry, it is so tough when they start showing signs of aging, it's always too soon! I am currently experiencing a similar situation with my cocker. I'm pretty sure she is at least 90% deaf and her eyesight is very poor. Her lenses started going foggy a few years ago. I panicked at first, especially with the hearing loss I felt loss of eyesight was devastating. Now that I have had time to process I focus more on how she functions, than on what her diagnosis is. She is coping well with it so far, and she still has some eyesight left. I have to keep her on the lead on walks so she does not get lost. And when it's dark out I have to guide her so she doesn't run into things. But in day to day life she is still happy. It would be wonderful to have the funds and access to someone who does cataract surgeries. Those operations are magical! But since I don't, I try to remind myself that what matters is if she is coping and happy, and so far she is  :luv:


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