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Dogs and Fruit

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Wonder if anyone can help with what is or isn't harmful to dogs as far as fruit is concerned.  When Chloe started with AIHA many moons ago I did a lot of food research, alternative diets etc.  I read about the dangers of chocolate (a bitter blow to Chloe) and also grapes.  I recalled way back from my nursing days that grapes can cause fluid retention so I never gave these to Chloe anyway.  However, she has now started with a huge craving for oranges and tomatoes with bananas coming a close third.  Is there any info on these fruits?  If any of them turn out to be harmful I am going to have one very sulky dog on my hands.....                    

Jo W:
Don't know about fruit in general but I am 100% sure that grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs and can kill.  Like chocolate, different dogs probably have different tolerance levels but only recently two dogs died having got into a box of raisins.                    

Jane S:
Jo's right - raisins & grapes can be very dangerous to dogs if they eat enough of them although one or two won't do much harm. Most other fruits & veg are fine - ours like apples, bananas, strawberries, melon name it really :)                    

I never knew that :) I did know about chocolate though. I'll just have to keep her out of the fruit bowl ;D                    

Been watching this with interest as mother in law has a poodle( her choice not mine ???) that also enjoys fruit. As for Inca he hasn't tried it yet but I'm sure he will in time ;D ;D ;D                    


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