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What should I be looking for in a good kennels?

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I am going away at the end of May for a week.  I can't board Chloe the wonder dog as she cannot be vaccinated but I am thinking of putting Holly in kennels.  Ideally I would love to take Holly too but as she is a serial barker it just isn't possible.  I can put up with the constant yapping but it isn't fair to other people and I have to consider them too.  Bearing that in mind, now I am driving myself nuts wondering just what I should be looking for in a good kennels.  I phoned one today to ask if I could visit tomorrow to have a look and she said it wasn't a good day.  That put me right off... :(  Any useful ideas?                    

I would personally look for cleanliness, that the kennels weren't too small, if there was a run or area for the dogs to exercise. I suppose another factor would be what you thought of the staff - I know you would only be meeting them for the first time but sometimes you just get a feeling about someone don't you? I would definitely be put off by someone saying you can't visit - does that mean she needs a few days to get everything tidied up and ship-shape or am I just too cynical :-X The breeder of two of my boys also runs boarding kennels and the kennels are fibreglass and each one is monitored by CCTV and has heating/air conditioning...think I might book myself in ;) Good luck in your search                    

I too would definitely steer clear of somewhere that either said it wasn't convenient or that I came at a specific time.
Also I would listen to how noisy it is. If the dogs are comfortable, well fed & exercised then the noise level should be reasonably low. Are the dogs pacing up and down in the runs through stress, boredom and/or lack of exercise?                    

Just to add to what Gill and Michele have already said...

You could ask your vet about kennels. He/she would probably have a good idea what any local kennels are like. The kennel that Poppy goes to was reccommended by my vet and I've been very happy with it so far.

Also my dog-trainer says you should be able to smell disinfectant at a boarding kennel.                    

I agree with the comments so far. When we looked for a cattery I turned up one day,, asked them about fees extra and then asked if I could look round. They said fine and we've used them ever since.

I would be wary of anyone who said come back another day or at a specific time :)

The disinfectant smell is a good point. I'll look for that when we have to look for one for Phoebe.                    


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