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Jo W:
What do your dogs sleep in (when not on your beds and settees  ;))?  

I'm thinking of getting Amber either a Durabed or a wicker basket with legs because she likes being off the floor...  Any suggestions?

(I've already told her she's not having the heart-shaped one featured on Petplant  ;D).                    

dunno I haven't seen any off the floor myself... Jessie has large plastic one as I was advised they are best to clean and she had a huge cushion inside which is same shape?? make sense?? Argod do a lovely settee bed  ;D                    

Brook got this gorgeous looking one for his 10th birthday :-[(my excuse was I was picking Vegas up the same day and needed to make the birthday boy feel special ;)) It's in the style of those dougnut shaped ones with the inner cushion but isn't doughnut shaped and is much bigger - never mind, take my word for it, it looks comfy but he's only been in it a handful of times. I've seen those off the floor ones and they do look great. Haven't seen the heart shaped one on petplanet so must have a peek cos it's Vegas birthday next month ;)                    

The wicker beds are often a target for chewing, it all depends on your pooch. You can get quite tuff raised beds made of metal tubing with tough nylon type fabric covering - provides a hammock kind of effect.

Pet Planet do them here

PS just a note - if you decide to get one from pet planet - you can support Cockers Online by going through the link in the shopping channel ;D here . php?t=1324                    

Like Jessie Buttons juts has a run of the mill plastic bed ::) cheap, easy to clean, and inexpensive to replace if the need be. She has a lovely fleece throw from Next to snuggle up on inside it. Its actually supposed to be just a throw I think, but its very big and I fold it up for her and she likes to "scratch" it into position ;D
Also its brown, but obviously thats not the reason I bought it ::) honest ;) ;D                    


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