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I dunno about any one elses bundle of madness, teeth and fur, but this warm weather is definitely getting to poor little Millie - she's lying flat out at the moment and panting  :(

and she'll stay like that until about 8:30pm when it cools down and then she have a mad fit for about half an hour, running around and chasing any thing that looks remotely ball like !!   ::)

does anyone have any tricks for cooling them down? she's got plenty of fresh water (which I have to admit I have put ice cubes in  ::)  ) and I have also given her a couple of ice cubes - she thinks they're great and chases them across the laminate flooring and looks confused when they're gone!                    

we have this cool tip (get it  ;D) of filling old coke bottles with water, then putting them in the freezer. We get them out when they're frozen solid, and the dogs like to lie on top of them to keep cool. We found this especially useful if going on a longish car journies, as we regularly zoom down the M4 and this can be quite hard on the dogs in the summer heat  :)                    

A paddling pool in the garden will go down a storm ;D It'll soon be empty though - gives them a bit of a rinse down at the same time ;D                    

Hey, I nearly bought a  paddling pool for MYSELF at the weekend!  ;D                    


--- Quote from: Mike on June 16, 2003, 03:54:22 PM ---Hey, I nearly bought a  paddling pool for MYSELF at the weekend!  ;D

--- End quote ---

looking rather sheepish - i've already got one!!!! (and no i have not got any kids)

We have got sloping gardens and we were discussing with the neighbours setting up a water slide for a giggle (our average age being 27 - going on 5!) ;D                    


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