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Welcome to the COL Behaviour section. All of us at some time have needed assistance with training or behavioural issues, so feel free to post on any problems that you are having - chances are that at least one of us has gone through something similar and can hopefully offer constructive help and advice. When posting in this section (or on other boards where behaviour advice may be sought), please bear in mind that one of the main tenets of this site is to promote modern, positive, reward-based training methods and we are keen that this approach is reflected in any advice given by forum members. Whilst we don't wish to stifle healthy discussion, the welfare of our dogs comes first - so posts or links may be removed that advocate any inappropriate, confrontational or heavy handed methods that could be perceived as being physically or mentally damaging to our dogs and our relationship with them.

We are proud to have many members with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share ( including a couple of professionally qualified members of the APDT ) but please remember that it is not always possible to give out advice over the internet, some behaviours need to be observed first hand. When looking for professional advice away from the forum, we recommend that members seek out trainers/behaviourists that rely on kind, positive, reward-based methods that will enhance the relationship between dog and owner, rather than those that use coercive, punitive techniques and equipment that may do more harm than good in the longterm. Anybody can set themselves up as a dog trainer or behaviourist so be sure to check out credentials. What qualifications do they have ? Are they a member of a respected organisation such as the Association Of Pet Dog Trainers or the Association Of Pet Behaviour Counsellors ? Similarly we advise caution putting into practice methods seen on the many TV dog training programmes - sadly some of the methods used on these shows are chosen for their dramatic, televisual impact rather being the kindest or best longterm solution to a dog's problems. Please see the links below for trainers/behaviourists in your area ( or post on the forum for recommendations).
Association Of Pet Dog Trainers
Association Of Pet Behaviour Counsellors



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