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Biting my clothes
« on: January 10, 2022, 01:30:29 PM »
Hi All,

We have had a 12 week old Cocker Spaniel for 4 days now so I know it is still early days, but she is constantly attacking my clothes.  I would put this down to normal puppy behaviour but I'm the only one she does it too, she doesn't do it to my husband.  I'm worried she doesn't like me or something, she's always so naughty when with me >:D and a dream for my husband  :angel: 

Another example:  This morning I came down and opened her crate she ran round grabbing everything in sight, then as soon as my husband came down she sat next to him all nice and quietly on the sofa like butter wouldn't melt.  If I go back in the room she launches herself at me and starts biting my clothes and anything else she can grab!  Any advice?   

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Re: Biting my clothes
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2022, 04:18:15 PM »
Sounds like my early experience with my WCS puppy, Ivy! I promise she will grow out of it and it will get better as long as you're consistent in how you respond.

I managed to stop the biting and clothes pulling by redirecting her to a toy with lots of praise when she chooses it instead of my sleeve! If that didn't work, I would say 'ouch' and turn my back to her and cross my arms. When she sat or stopped jumping at me, I would start playing with her again. If she didn't calm down or stop nipping, I would leave the room for a few minutes and then come back and resume play/cuddles. After a few weeks of this, she learned that biting or clothes pulling meant the end of our play or interaction and soon stopped doing it.

Sometimes, nothing worked as she was too overstimulated/tired and I had to pick her up pop her in her pen/crate for an enforced nap.

I wouldn't worry about her behaving a bit differently with you. The biting and nipping is all normal puppy play so it's actually a compliment that you're her favourite to play with!

Ivy definitely monkeys me around more than my hubby, but it could be because I spend more time with her. I watched her earlier follow him calmly into the garden and do her 'business' on command, then trot back in and stop on the mat for him to dry her paws. This is absolutely NOT what happens when I take her for a toilet break!! But then, she normally chooses to sleep on my lap in the evening so...

Good luck with your new pup! I remember 12 weeks being a trying (and tiring) time, but it does get easier I promise!

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Re: Biting my clothes
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2022, 09:18:26 AM »
Sounds like typical puppy behaviour to me - who knows why they do it to some people and not others though?  :huh:  Maybe you taste nicer :005:

When I had my first cocker, Coco, my trousers all had teeth marks in them for months as she was always hanging off them.  >:(

Try giving her something she can chew when she starts - a toy or a tuggy. She will grow out of it. Also make sure she is getting plenty of sleep and quiet times during the day. They can get extra bitey if over stimulated or over tired and won't take themselves off to have a nap when they need one if there is anything going on. They don't want to miss anything, but tiredness is a major issue with puppies - they really should be sleeping at regular intervals during the day  ;)
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Re: Biting my clothes
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2022, 08:09:52 AM »
Thank you both so much! You have really set my mind at ease.  We lost our other WCS at 9 years old due to meningitis and I had forgotten how hard these puppy days can be.   >:D 

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Re: Biting my clothes
« Reply #4 on: January 25, 2022, 09:48:17 PM »
Salty also used to bite my wife's clothes but not mine so much
I never could understand what the problem was with that  :005: