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Just been scouring the net to try and find some sort of activities we could do, there's not a lot on offer round here.  I've found a dog club which we're going to have a look at next Sunday, and they've got a flyball section. I can't envisage it being Humphrey's discipline somehow, he'd probably just grab the ball and refuse to give it up  ;), but just wondered out of interest if anyone's ever tried it with a cocker? The dispays I watched from Crufts seemed to include collies, aussies and the like.

On the cockerpoo forum I belong to there are quite a few who do it I believe, so I imagine if a 'poo can do it, should not be a prob for cockers. I suppose like anything it will take some training, I can imagine mine not giving the ball up either to begin with.

Millie does flyball and loves it! Smaller dogs are a key part of a flyball team as the height dog, as the jumps are set lower if you have a smaller dog.
We didn't really have a problem with her giving up the ball, as she is fairly good at the drop command - especially if she thinks you are going to throw it again!  The idea is in flyball in any case that they are running back with the ball to you and you have another toy (sometimes a ball) - a so called 'motivator' to reward them. We meet a number of spaniels who do flyball - but there is also an expression 'spaniel head' that we use when she is just having a spaniel moment and is just not in the zone!  I would give it a go and see how you get on :)

That's encouraging Millipede, thankyou!, How old was Millie when you started?

She was about 1 and a half I think. They usually like the dog to be over 1 so all bones are developed properly. Good luck!


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