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Collapsing/fatigue Spaniels in the field

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Wondering what other people use or do for their spaniels when they crash during their working day.  I have had cockers for 20 years now and never seen one run out of steam.

What can I give her during the day to keep her blood sugar up or prevent cramping?

My 6 year old bitch who is well experienced has began showing signs of fatigue in the afternoon. 

Yesterday she developed cramp in her back legs and was definitely showing signs of extreme tiredness.

She is a wee dog who does push herself so we try to control her pace.

She is fed in the morning at 6am and the shoot does not start till 9.30 .

She is on a quality sport and agility food

At lunch time she has an hours rest and small amount of food.

During the day I carry water for for them especially on warmer days, although yesterday was very wet so not an issue. 

And at end of day we always walk our dogs back to the ute to loosen of their mussels

We are also in New Zealand so weather in winter is not as cold as Scotland.  (was wet under foot and cold yesterday) 

We are keeping an eye on her just in case there is any underlying problems and will be contacting vets for further advice.

As I said I just have not much experience with cockers crashing during a days hunting and the ground we cover is not as hard as in Scotland. plus we are transported to each drive in a trailer. 

Interested in your experiences
Thank you


I dont have a worker but I would say that if this is unusual for your girl I would get her checked out by a Vet,

It doesn't sound like the weather would have caused it, maybe she is just a little under the weather but it wouldn't hurt to get some Blood tests to check how she is going,  they will do everything to hide if something is wrong and that just makes it more difficult for us to pick up on a possible issue.

Have you moved from Scotland to nz recently? If so could just be that the weather is warmer than she’s used to. If not, I’d get her checked out as a sudden change is odd. One of mine doesn’t do well working in temperatures over 10 degrees so am careful with him. Also I give him bits of kronch pemmican bar throughout the day. It’s high in fat and gives him a boost.

we put either sugar or honey in gemma's water.
 As humans we can have a choccy bar to increase the blood sugars but not a option for the doggies.

We carry pieces of fudge (have to check there’s no palm oil on the ingredient list) and feed small amounts throughout the day.

Coral had a problem 2 years ago with random cramping after exercise.  One or both back legs and seemed to be worse in mild damp conditions.  After a lot of investigation the Vet X-ray’d her hips and manipulated hip joints.  It stopped the cramps with no cause found!  We suspect that she may have had a trapped equine nerve that caused the cramping that was freed by messing around with their back/hips.

We also get the dogs “fattened up” for the season, still a trim weight but the bit of extra flesh seems to make a big difference in their resilience and ability to deal with infections.

Hope your girl is ok.



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