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Another late hello.

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Hi everybody and Happy Easter!

After many months of research we collected our ECS pup a couple of days ago and are settling in to a very different routine. This forum has been enormously helpful and led us safely to a new chapter in our lives. Thank you for all the posts and the sharing of your experiences, we used your knowledge and checked everything we could. We have a beautiful, confident yet calm and permanently wagging tailed 8 week old who we are naming tonight.
What a lovely community this is.

Thank you.

Delighted for you, I hope the pup settles in and you must come back with updates, please  :D

Hi and welcome, ooo looking forward  to hear more about you pup

I have a 10 week old working cocker called Ash

Congratulations!!  :luv: Lots of happy times ahead!  :banana: :banana:, do keep us updated!

Hello and thanks for your lovely welcomes!

I hugely underestimated how lively/inquisitive a puppy is, we haven’t had time to name her and must tonight; time has flown, she has kept us both on our toes! I hadn’t planned to start training for a few days, thought she’d need ‘settle in ‘ time but I was wrong as she’s enjoying it. I hope we’re doing it right, she’s bouncy, tail wagging, snuggly when tired.
Cazza, Ash is beautiful, tonight’s not my turn for 3am peegate so I’m looking forward to reading how you’re getting on!

I’m so glad you’re all here, this is the best thing I’ve ever done but I’m a bit nervous at the same time!  :005:



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