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I used to post here many years ago, when our beautiful Honey was young. Unfortunately, we lost her just 7 weeks ago, at the ripe old age if 16! Heartbroken could not describe how we felt at her loss and there isnít a day, where we donít miss her.
Knowing that we could not imagine a future without a cocker spaniel in it, we tentatively started to talk to breeders to assess the situation with waiting lists. One breeder that we contacted via the kennel club had pups available now and we had the opportunity to purchase one.
This was much  sooner than we had anticipated but with my husband working from home, this was a good opportunity because my health isnít what it used to be and toilet training etc would be more difficult. Despite things starting to return to normal, he has been told it will be months before they plan to bring them back to the office, if ever.
It was a tough decision because it seemed so soon after losing Honey and I admit it felt a little disloyal.
However, having brought our little orange roan girl  Berry home last week, my heart has discovered that it is still full of my love for Honey, while having lots of room for Berry. We are besotted with her. She is such a character and is already showing lots of the cocker spaniel traits, which make the breed so special.
She is still only 9 weeks but her personality is huge. I canít wait to share her journey a little.

Hi and welcome back, I am also back with a new addition

Must see pics of Berry  :luv:

Yep know what you mean about wondering if it was too soon, but Honey will always be in your heart and Berry will have the rest of it  :luv:

I will try to post some pics soon.
I canít remember what name I originally posted under, so I had to use a different one.
I remember getting lots of good advice here back when Honey was young.
She was rather the handful, lol!

Welcome back and welcome to Berry, guess you have your hands full with a new puppy.

We love puppy pics on here so can't wait.


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