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Instructions on Posting Photos
« on: February 16, 2010, 10:43:36 AM »
We all love to see photos of members' dogs and have a special area of the forum designated for this purpose (The Photo Boards). Unfortunately you can't upload photos directly from your computer to the forum but you can post photos by using external hosting sites such as Photobucket or Flickr. The information below tells you how to do this:

Please ensure your photos are no bigger than 640x480 pixels in size!
Or as near as you can get to that size

Hosting Photos
If you wish to include photos in your posts, you will either need to use your own webspace or use one of the free photo hosting websites such as Photobucket. If you use Photobucket, upload your photos to your Photobucket account, then select the photo you wish to post, then copy the img.url which appears under the photo and paste this into your post.

Forum Display
In order to get your photo's to display on the forum, it's best to use the IMG tag displayed on the image hosters website, it looks like this:

Code: [Select]
Pasting this line directly into your post will result in this:

If the photo you are trying to post is very large then it's best to use a URL link, they look like this:

Code: [Select]
Pasting this line directly into your post will result in this:

If for some reason your photo host does not provide an IMG link, you can still display the photo's in your post by using the Insert Image button (this one ) and putting a URL Link between the two IMG tags, eg:

Code: [Select]
Putting this code directly into your post will result in this:

Resizing Photos

If your photo is on the large side, you can either:

1 Edit your photo on Photobucket or resize the photo before you upload to Photobucket using photo editing software. Such software is often bundled with digital camera/scanner packages or you can use a free program such as Irfanview.

2 Resize your photos using Windows XP Powertoy (XP Users Only) details here with this installed resizing is as easy as right clicking.

3 Resize your photos by manually altering the forum code in your post. Instead of
Code: [Select]
[img]url of your photo[/img] you can alter the code to read
Code: [Select]
[img width=640]url of your photo[/img] This has the effect of automatically reducing photos to the right size for COL.

Any oversize photos posted on the boards will be resized or changed to normal url links by the Mod Team out of consideration to those members who don't have broadband. The same rule applies if too many photos are posted in one thread - please limit the number of photos posted in one go to a maximum of 4 to enable those members who don't have a fast internet connection to view pages without too much difficulty. Some leeway will be given if more than 4 photos are posted but the file size is small enough not to cause problems

If you wish to post photos which do not belong to you (eg taken from other websites or from books etc), you must check first that the image is not copyrighted. Posting copyrighted photos without permission is an infringement of copyright laws so be careful!

We hope this is of some assistance. Unfortunately at the moment we cannot allow direct uploads from your PC to the forum (as attachments) due to the high bandwidth which results. We may however reintroduce such an option in future.

If you have any problems posting photos please post a help topic in the relevant forum.