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Ghana 5 Year Old Girl @ Many Tears
« on: December 13, 2019, 02:27:05 PM »


02-11-19 Ghana is a gentle ex-breeder who has come to us to find a home and is learning that humans can be kind and share lovely cuddles. She will need a home with at least one other dog to help her learn about house training and lead walking and with some love and patience Ghana is going to transform into a happy and loving little friend.  Ghana has a passport.

11-12-2019 UPDATE

Dear little Ghana, known here in foster as Maggie May is an absolute darling of a little girl. She loves to be close to you and have masses of cuddles. She has only been in foster two days but has had a lovely bath and groom and was such a good girl. It must have felt so nice to be clean and feel the warm water on her poor mummy tummy. This little girl has given all her life so far to having puppies, one litter after another, itís now her time to be loved and cherished . She is so very good with the other fosters and our resident cocker spaniels, so she will need a kind resident dog or dogs about her size to be her companion. Someone home most of the day will be required as her house training has only just began and we will start lead training soon also. Little Maggie May is a gentle soul who does have a cataract in one of her eyes and is blind in that eye, it does not affect her but it would be lovely if her new owners could look into giving her back her sight.
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