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Vera 6 Year Old Girl @Many Tears
« on: December 13, 2019, 05:00:32 PM »

3-10-19 Vera has come to us from a breeder.  She is very worried about people but she is okay to be picked up. She is an extremely sweet natured girl who will need at least one other kind and confident resident dog in her new home.who she can watch and copy.  This will help her with things like house training and lead walking.  Despite her worries Vera is very bright and inquisitive so with time, love and patience we think she will soon settle.

10-11-19 UPDATE

Vera is known as Ruby in her foster home and although not having been here a week yet, is enjoying her new found freedom. She is still skittish when faced with new situations but trusts us enough to come for reassurance and is happy to be picked up .
Ruby walks on a harness but is not overly confident and will need more practice in quiet areas away from other people and noise. She weighs about 11kg and is clean in the house but has open access most of the time and is taken out regularly.
Ruby sleeps soundly all night in a covered crate and has to be persuaded to get up in the morning! Sometimes she takes herself off on little adventures round our fields but always comes back, usually with her friend, a big boy Cav.
She will need a friend of active Spaniel type, probably male and long walks in open spaces. She loves being out in the garden so will need a decent sized space with some grass areas.
Ruby is not happy with children about but mixes with all the other dogs here. Ideally she needs someone prepared to give her time and with patience to help her with new life. She is a lovely , gentle Cocker who will be a devoted companion when she settles.

11-12-19 UPDATE

This is the gentle MT Vera Cocker in foster in Helston Cornwall. She is known as Ruby here and knows her name.
Ruby is beginning to settle now and today instigated a play with our other foster Indo (Indi here.) She is happy to have snuggles and her tummy tickled but is still spooked by sudden movements sometimes.
Ruby allows us to pick her up and loves her cosy crate that she sleeps in, or goes in, the few times I have to leave her . She sleeps soundly all night and hardly moves, is totally clean in the house and crate.
Ruby’s best friend is a large Cav boy that she came with into foster but she has started to mix with the other resident dogs although she seems to prefer the boys for company.
Ruby now has a beautiful wavy coat; she loves her food and takes treats gently.
A home with a good sized garden is essential for this special little girl and a regular routine which will allow her to gain more confidence; her new owners must be there for her most of the time too.
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