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Hi Iíve a 18 month cocker bred from what Iím told excellent working pedigree I donít work him I got him to walk with I like to walk Iíve already been asked about using him as a stud to which I said it was ok but havenít heard anything yet but it got me thinking what do I need do I need vet tests or certain examinations from the vets and also if I was to use him to stud more how do I do it and where is the best places to advertise him any help would be much appreciated. Cheers

Before even considering using him at stud please ensure he has had all relevant health tests recommended for the breed. It's insufficient to say he's a healthy, fit dog; you should be able to evidence he is clear of any conditions the breed is predisposed to- see the health section on The Cocker Spaniel Club website. I wouldn't let anyone use him on an untested bitch either!

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Agree with Sueneil

I suggest your first point of call is to read the threads on this link As there is lots of information here and will be a good starting point into deciding if or not to breed from him   ;)

Sue has summed it up beautifully.  Given how prevalent dog theft is just now, anone interested in my dog, would be kept at a serious distance, scary times.


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