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Puppy food - concerned and confused.

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Hi, I hope starting a new topic is ok, Iíve read previous posts, done hours of reading google and Iím still going round in circles.
Peanut is nearly 13 weeks old, sheís doing great, the only issue is kibble. Iím getting her to eat kibble by playing games, she isnít eating it straight from the bowl. Sheíll eat it if she thinks itís a treat or if itís hidden in a rug or grass etc. Sheíll eat our 10 year oldís kibble straight from our older dogís bowl but that is Senior Food so lacking in nutrients. I add chicken or fish and sheíll eat that, suck the kibble and spit it out.

So far Iíve tried James Wellbeloved Puppy Grain Free, Royal Canin Cocker Puppy and AVA Puppy. Her poop is kickable, on JWB she poops twice a day, on the other two itís 4 times a day. Iíve mixed all three or kept to one for several days. If anything I think her poop is too hard, I saw her straining a week ago but that seems to have passed.

I feed her 4 times a day. I lift the bowl and throw out the kibble within 30 mins, Iím throwing 90% of the kibble out. Iíve tried soaking it to soften and letting it sit in cooked meat juices to flavour it. Iíve never seen her eat fast or lick a bowl clean. Our older girl hovers nearby and is the exact opposite, we have to watch her weight so we donít let her eat Puppy Food.

A dog trainer said donít feed her Raw as it will Ďscourge her stomach outí. I donít really understand what that means. Iím hesitant to change what Iím feeding as her poop is good but Iím concerned sheís not getting the right amount of nutrients.

Sheís not eating anywhere near the amount of kibble that is recommended on the back of all three bags but appears happy. I can feel her ribs but they arenít visible. The vet said sheís at the high end of normal weight, that was at 10 weeks old. Sheís been wormed properly. I stick to the 5mins/month exercise rule religiously.

I cook daily so tend to give her what we are having, so unseasoned chicken, fish or minced beef, cooked. If thatís not possible Iíll cook an egg or open a tin of sardines for protein.

Iíve tried three wet foods too and she didnít eat any, just sniffed them and walked off. Iíve raised 4 kids with no fussy eaters but Iím starting to think itís got to be me.

Has anybody got any ideas please? Thank you.


While I appreciate that everyone has their own preferences and opinion, I do get annoyed when people makes such ill founded statements as Ąraw will scourge her insides outď - what absolute rubbish!!
The vast majority of foods on the market these days are good quality and well balanced and the decision is therefore based on what the dog likes, what he/she tolerates e,g, with respect to allergies, health issues, age etc etc, what is convenient, what is available, what it costs.
There are a lot of myths surrounding raw and theyĎre usually circulated by people who havenĎt got a clue what its all about. Admittedly, it is better to do a bit of research so you understand the principles but its not rocket science and if you follow the advice and introduce it gradually is very unlikely to cause any digestion problems at all.
IĎm certainly not saying raw is best, but experience has shown me that its best for my dog, so all I would say is, donít discount it based on baseless claims.
Most pups go through phases of finicky eating, (theyĎre just kids after all, ;)), sometimes a bit of tinned food mixed in with kibble makes it a bit more digestible. You could also try reducing her meals to 3 times daily so sheĎs perhaps a bit more hungry?  I would try not to chop and change too much at first, introduce any changes gradually, - even a change of kibble should take place over a few days, not too abruptly.
If you DO decide to give raw a try, thereĎs lots of good info online, - (there are also some rather wierdo groups of followers who see every bit of roadkill as  manna from heaven, but they really are a minority!  :005:), thereĎs a pin on COL which is a good place to start and I think youĎll find most of the distributors of raw food will also happy to offer advice.
Hope  that helps a bit! Give Peanut a cuddle from me!  :luv:

Hi Jayne, thank you for helping, what youíve suggested makes complete sense and has given me a ton of reassurance. I didnít know how tense some people can get when discussing canine cuisine! A friend got really stroppy over a can of Butcherís and basically said Peanut doesnít stand a chance with my choices as I still donít have control over her biting! Sheís 13 weeks old! My recent distraction lessons came in rather handy!!!

Youíre so right about swapping food so quickly, Iíve been expecting quick results with too many food choices. Iíll take my foot off the pedal!

I love your profile pic, Humphrey is absolutely stunning  :luv:

I think youíve nailed it with suggesting 3 meals a day, Iíll try it. Iím looking into raw food too - with a SIMPLE approach this time :D ;)

Thank you, you are my Magic Wand Lady!


Hi John, what food were you given for her in her puppy pack?

We were given Beta puppy, so I went and bought a big bag of it - this weekend I am off to buy another kibble for her which I will mix in with her beta puppy (so first two days will be - 3/4 beta puppy and 1/4 of the new kibble, then next two days will be half and half )

I feel your pain re Peanut not eating, I have the other side of the coin with Ash she eats like a lab (ok eats may not be the right word Ďinhalesí is what she does  :005: ) but she is always looking for more

I looked into raw with my last dogs and like it, however we didnít feed full raw until they were nearly a year old. I started them off with the odd chicken wing as a treat

Good luck with finding a food that Peanut will eat


--- Quote from: JohnMcL on May 06, 2021, 02:32:20 PM ---I cook daily so tend to give her what we are having, so unseasoned chicken, fish or minced beef, cooked. If thatís not possible Iíll cook an egg or open a tin of sardines for protein.

--- End quote ---


I am wondering if she is preferring 'human food' and this is putting her off her own food?

We have been having a lot of issues with Sam and his sensitive tummy and I've changed his kibble to something else based on the scores on here What we currently use is 80% which I think is quite good and his poo is starting to firm up.  I am now avoiding chicken as I think he has some intolerance to it.  It has taken months and months but he has no issue with his appetite whatsoever, fortunately!

I do think she might be holding out for something more something more tasty!


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