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Enforced seperation

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Hi guys.
I was rushed to hospital 11 days ago (not covid) I hope to be home at the weekend. Until now my main concern has been survival however now that hopefully I am back on track I am wondering how if anything this seperation will have effected my relationship with eze. I didn't even get the chance to say "see you later" anyone got any words of wisdom ?

Sorry to hear that Ian!! Hope you’re ok and make a speedy recovery.
Presumably Eze has been at home while you‘ve been in hospital? To be honest, I wouldn‘t worry too much, whenever I‘ve ever had to leave any of my dogs they either sulked for a couple of days (one time the kennels  were pretty grim ) or they were a bit clingy but soon settled down again. Obviously depends on how fit/mobile you‘ll be when you get home, but I would try to stick to your old routine as much as possible and carry on as if you‘d only been away for the day. You and Eze have always worked as a team, I reckon  she‘ll just be over the moon to have her other half back!
All the best, take care and, as they say here, Gute Besserung!  :luv:
Jayne and Humph‘

Thank you Jayne
Yes she been at home with Lynn, she hasn't said much about how she has been and i haven't really asked as I had enough to cope with without the extra concern so thought it best not to know at the time, hope that doesn't sound selfish but self preservation is a strange thing. I do know that she is currently on the bed with the Mrs with my slipper 😁

Not at all selfish!! You’re  more use to Eze when you’re fit and well and worrying about something you can‘t change does no good at all. Take care of yourself!   :bigarmhug:

Good grief Ian - hope you are on the mend and back home soon - if there’s anything we can do, please just say.  We have no problem driving up to do some mowing, or other jobs,  if it gives Lynn a break and puts your mind at rest.

Eze will be very pleased to see her best mate and more importantly will be the best behaved, most attentive, hard working, fast retrieving dog you’ve ever seen!  For around 3 days then it’ll be back to normal  ;)

Get well soon - wishing you a full and speedy recovery xx


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