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Coat problem with my 13months red show cocker


Hello, I have 13months old English Cocker Spaniel, in the last two months his coat really thinned out. It's strange. Specifically his cocker skirt fall out insanely.

I am wondering if all of his hair was puppy coat and just fall out. But to that extent? I don't think so.

I was at the vet's office, because my pup has dandruff on his back, he told me that it's nothing to worry about it's just dry skin, and he gave me medical shampoo.

I will post 2 pictures, 1 month apart, so you can see the difference. I was thinking finally his skirt gonna pop out in 2,3 months(it's gonna grow longer) but all the hair is gone.

I am hoping someone can help me figure it out what is the problem, or it is a problem at all.



From your photos it looks like the first was after a groom and the second is the growth and I can see how it appears wispy.  I could well have been a puppy coat, but at 13mth he should be past that if it was the case.  But I think it is down to texture of goldens.

My darling Jay who sadly I lost years ago was rather like your boy, his coat was really different in texture to Ollie who is mainly black, Ols coat is certainly not as fine as Jays coat was.  Even when older Jays coat was still fine.  When Ollie is groomed his skirt would look the bees knees - yet with Ollie it was always wispy.  Ollie's texture is much stronger.

This is a pic of Jay when about 18mths, not the best to show his coat but you get an idea.

Our Gemma wcs is a red head. Her coat is so fine and not thick at all. On a groom her belly is rarely cut because it does not grow, same as her back. Her trousers though grow like fun.

My 2 1/2 yr old Gold sable has a flat silky coat, whereas my older girl who is blue roan and spayed is a curly coated dense little girl


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