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dave w:
we will be picking our new sprocker puppy in a few days time and would like to try him on a raw diet he is currently on beta puppy which i've not heard great things about.
he is 8 weeks old how soon can we start giving him raw maybe start with just one meal of the day raw?
the other thing i'm a bit confused with is the amount ive tried a couple of calculators for how much to feed and get different results, there is a company called rawtdoor and based on a adult weight of 15kg he would need 450/525g a day but the nutriment calc suggests about 200/300g a day if he is around 5kg now ,i would hate to under feed when when he is a pup.

Hi good luck with your new addition

I canít advise on raw as I donít feed raw as the main food. Ash came on beta though and I moved her on to what I fed my other dogs, moved her over 8 days very slowly- the manufacture has changed and the food didnít suit Ash so I did a lot of research and eventually moved her on to orijen- itís as close to raw feeding you can get without raw feeding

Hope some of the raw feeders will be along soon to answer your questions

All the best

I have fed raw for a while, and have used Honey's.
They have a good helpline and will work out what you need to feed as you go along.  The food they supply is a complete food, which I preferred as I was confident that all bases were covered.  Might be worth a look.

dave w:
thanks i think i will give honeys a ring for some advice ,i will keep him on kibble for the next week i was told he was 8 weeks old but when i looked at his paper work he is only 7 weeks old.

I got my puppy at 8 weeks old and continued to feed the puppy kibble she had been weaned on.  I wasnít keen on it but wanted her to settle in first.  I am planning on feeding her on cold pressed food.  After about 10 days at home, I gradually introduced her new food.  I started with a quarter of the new food and three quarters of old food for 3 days.  Now I have introduced the new food for her first 2 meals, and the kibble for the last two meals so she is getting half and half.  After another 3 days on these proportions I then intend to give her 3 meals of new food and 1 of kibble for another 3 days.  After this she will be totally on the new food. So far no tummy problems and she definitely prefers the new food as the food is gone very quickly compared to the kibble.
Hope this helps a little.


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