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Ollie low residue food query - firm up output

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I am really struggling with what is best for Ollie, he has always had a mix of dry and wet food along with flaked white fish and boiled rice twice daily.  Learned ages ago that he cant tolerate potato or even chicken.  He also has a dessert spoon plain Bio Yogurt daily.

He has been having loose stools which are becoming harder to clear.  My old faithful Dorwest Bark(slippery elm) is not working and YuDigest sachets help but after a week of use it returns and this is followed by the Yudigest tabs.  The vets prescribed Pooch & Mutt - Bionic Biotic and I really struggled to get him back under control after using this.

I do not want to be graphic but the first seems ok then shortly after !!!

Some will know Ollie is 13 and on prednisolone for growth - I have also been reducing his steriods to lower dose.  So basically there could be all sorts going on with my boy - I spoke with Vet as I wondered if the reduction of pred was a factor and seem to think not.

I have been looking at Canagan Dog Scottish Salmon - which I could add his flaked fish too - I am wondering if this will slow down his inner working etc and he may digest better, honestly I need any views or ideas, I am really struggling...he is coping well with his meds - put I hate to see him like this - we are so strict with him and his food like with most cockers was his pleasure.

P.S  I have canned unsweetened pumpkin - but confused by it read it helps with the runs but also when bunged's a nightmare :shades:

Would some wet food with natural ground bone help do you think? when Minstrel was having probs quite a few years ago now, my vet suggested edible bonemeal to firm things up and it did work (almost too well-but easily sorted by cutting amount given)

Naturediet wet food has an amount of ground bone in it

I feel for you  :huh: it is frustrating and upsetting when you cannot find the right solution  :bigarmhug:


The wet food is Natures Deli....swapped to this from Natures Diet when they altered packaging and there salmon content was reduced.  Pound for pound really it's the same.

Will have a look edible bone meal maybe to add.

Oh dear, you have my total sympathy, we’re struggling with exactly the same at the moment, slippery elm hasn‘t worked, I tried pumpkin last week and that didn‘t help, we‘re now on a biotic thing from the vet but up until now its not made a lot of difference. Bonemeal has been recommended  to me as well. so I‘ll get some tomorrow and see how we go.
The vet also recommended psyllium husks, no idea if you can get them in UK, I think they work a bit like bran but are milder, they soak the excess liquid and make the stool bulkier..... might be worth asking at the health food shop? I‘ll keep you posted if I come up with something that works! 😉
 :bigarmhug: to you and Ollie!  :luv:

Nothing to add other than the psyllium husk can be picked up in Holland & Barret for humans.  A dog version can be found here, courtesy of Google.


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