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Jane S:
In the light of recent disagreements on this board, here is some clarification on what can and cannot be said about named brands/named companies on the Feeding Board.

Members are welcome to express their opinions about branded food and can comment freely on matters such as the quality of ingredients, what additives are included and what effects different foods have had on their own dogs. What they should not do is to state as "fact" that certain foods are poisonous/likely to cause cancer or early death etc etc unless there is scientifically proven evidence to back this up. They should also not post allegations against individual companies unless there is evidence in the public domain to support those allegations.

There can sometimes be a fine line between "fair comment" ie giving an honest opinion and making a potentially misleading factual statement which is why posts on the Feeding board (and elsewhere) are occasionally moderated to protect both COL and the member making the comments. If anyone is not sure whether what they want to say is allowed or not, they should contact a member of the Mod/Admin Team for advice. If anyone spots a comment on the Feeding board which they feel goes too far, they should use their Report to Moderator button so that the matter can be investigated discreetly without causing any unpleasantness.

Please also remember that while we all have our own opinions on feeding and the best diet for our dogs, we should not interrogate other members on what they feed their dog or make forceful suggestions that someone changes their dog's diet unless advice on what to feed has been sought by that member.


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