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Donator Membergroup
« on: June 10, 2015, 10:46:32 AM »
It's come to my attention that on some occasions when a member donates and is added to the donator membergroup some boards on the forum become invisible to that member, this doesn't happen every time and is easily remedied. It seems that the disappearing boards include the COL Meet Up Board and some of the photo boards, there may well be others.
So, if you are a donator and have your donators badge on your profile and you feel you might be missing some boards from the COL forum please feel free to drop an email to (stating your username) or post to this thread and I'll check out your account to make sure all is ok.
An initial check would indicate this occurs in a tiny percentage of cases, so before you email or post simply look to see if you can see the COL Meet Up Board, if you can then your account is configured correctly and you already have access to all areas.