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Member Categories & Star Ratings
« on: March 04, 2010, 12:18:30 PM »
COL has a system of star ratings for members based on post counts as follows:-

Newbie (1 star)
Junior Member  50 posts (2 stars)
Full Member  100 posts (3 stars)
Senior Member 250 posts (4 stars)
Hero Member  500 posts (5 stars)

Posts on Anything Goes don't count towards these ratings so if you post a lot on this board but less elsewhere, your post count won't go up as much as you might expect.

Other Member Categories

Limited Member : These members do not currently have full access to all areas of COL or functions like use of the Private Message system. It is standard practice to place new breeder members in this category for a while until we get to know them better. Members who breach forum etiquette may also be placed in this category for a time.

Donator: These members have generously made a donation towards the running costs of COL